“Ride out into the sun and live the Old West…..”

“Living Legends: the American Mustang”

Horseback Riding

Trail Rides listed below.

The Ranch

We are a small family owned ranch. All of our horse are Mustangs that were in the wild. We trained our horses. Our Horses are part of our family.


*The Council Rocks Ride*

Full Day Ride.
This Ride follows and meanders along the base of Cochise Stronghold in the Dragoon Mountains, you will ride the same trails used by the Apache Indians.
This area has some of the most amazing and breath taking scenery riding through massive boulder formations and small canyons. This area is some of the best riding in Southern Arizona, you will  visit the site where Cochise and General Howard signed the Broken Arrow Peace Treaty  in 1872.
You will also discover original pictographs created 1000 years ago by the Mogollon people, later augmented by the Apache.
An unforgettable horse ride!!!
Includes bag lunch.
 Departure times may vary according to the season*.

* The Millville Ruins Ride*

Half Day Ride.
Millville is a ghost town and processing mill from the late 1870’s during the Silver mining boom in the region. It  became the working heart of the community, site of two ore stamp mills straddling the San Pedro River
Millville started to decline in the 1880s, as nearby Tombstone depleted its resources and the site became less profitable. 
This ride will take you through the ruins of Millville on the east bank of the river up the old Volcanic Mount and around to the high steppe desert and back into a wash leading to the San Pedro River, along the tail  is intertwined with ancient petroglyphs.
An amazing Place!

*The Hereford Bridge Trail Ride*

The Hereford Bridge Trail is a portion of the long-distance San Pedro Trail and will offer a diverse experience while riding adjacent to the San Pedro River and into the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area.
A delight to the senses, the diversity of birds, vegetation, and landscape features, it has the feel of riding in a Savanna and then climbing back into the high desert that will make your ride  a journey worth savoring.
An amazing ecosystem to discover on our Mustangs!
Approximately 2.5 hours to 3 hours



-20% deposit required at booking.
-No refunds for cancellation less than 72hrs prior to your scheduled ride
 -No refunds for any rider arriving 15 minutes after their scheduled departure time.
-If you need to postpone your ride, we reserve the right to impose a $25 per person rescheduling fee-

-Weight limitation: 190 pounds. The management reserves the right to refuse anyone believed to be over 190 pounds with no refund.

-All rides require a 24 hour in advance reservation. We do not provide same day riding.

-All our rides are personal to your ride we do not mix other riders into your ride. We are not a Dude String Ranch.


* During the summer, hot season or monsoon, horseback riding is less frequent and takes place early in the morning.
The management reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a ride if the weather requires it.
For safety reasons*

Cash and Tucker.

Ride out into the sun and live the Old West…

What to bring: – Hat
                            – Sunscreen
                            – Wear long pant
                            – Good shoes/boots

We will pack a bottle of water for you.

For more information about  Katarina Highland Ranch and our programs or activities:  


Contact us at:

520-378-3152 or by email contact@katarinahighlandranch.com

Please feel free to leave a message if we don’t answer, we are out on the trails or training horses or taking care of the horses!

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