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Come and meet our America's Living Legends, Free Spirit of the West...


Athos: Nevada mustang. Massive for a mustang, he is the leader and "protector" of the herd. He is super cool and always ready to please. He is very sensitive and full of love!


Angel:Small horse / pony who plays "big". She likes to make the law in the Herd ( probably trying to compensate her feeling of insecurity  due to her small size... lol) 


Charlie Brown:  Mustang of Nevada: don't be fooled by his appearance!  Charlie Brown is for experienced riders and speed lovers. He knows everything and goes everywhere. He comes from the Border Patrol. When he starts to run, he will not stop.He has the speed and the endurance.Very sensitive, highly competitive, full of love and fearless.


Cheyenne:  beautiful Palomino, Mustang of Nevada, very sweet and friendly,  she is full of love.

Nicknamed "Big Mama", because of her physical and  she has a huge "mommy's heart", she is fearless on trails!


Cash:  he is our "baby". Mustang from Utah. Still young,  he requires an experienced rider. He is super fast and quick on his feet.He is full of love, eager to please and sure foot!


Athena: That young lady has amazing blue eyes! She is the only Pinto of the group! She goes everywhere, at her own pace. She loves attention and hugs!


Buddy:   He is our SuperStar! With the most interesting personality! Full of love and very playful, he will greet you every time he sees you.  He loves going on the trails and would take you to the ends of the Earth and back.  Great horse but only for experienced riders!


Pendleton:.He is such a sweetheart if he feels comfortable with you. He does not trust easily but he is very respectful and knows everything about cattle and cutting!

Pendleton comes from Texas, highly trained, he will go on trails but he is for very experienced riders!


Tucker and Chloe: Our new arrivals from California. Tucker is a devil's garden, massive, and black. A mix of power and wild beauty! Chloe is a little mare, very hyper and so sweet! They are still wild and have such a sweet personality.


Our wonderful Burros: They come from the Wild!

1) Bonnie & Clyde : our "young criminals"! They are both full of love, very playful  and so funny!!

2) Mama Belle: The Elder. She is shy, because older but such a sweetheart when you earn her trust!!