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Come and visit one of the 4 states of the Sun Belt,

Arizona the Great, the State of the Grand Canyon, its wide deserts with their cactus and wildlife, its red mountains, its gold, silver and copper mines...


Let the State of the Grand Canyon give you a taste  of the  Wild West with its mustangs, Cowboys, Indians, and  conquistadors….


Arizona’s deserts hide many beauties and surprises like the San Pedro River, with its cottonwood tree borders or the San Pedro Valley,. The wildlife will amaze you!!


Many ghost towns like Fairbanks, Pearce or even Gleeson, the old mines or the ruins of the fort built by the Conquistadors in 1775 will amaze you


Come and visit Bisbee, the colored town with its open copper mines from the late 1870's.....


Arizona is so much more than a desert !!!